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Lo Rez Brewery & Taproom

(888) 404 - 2262

2101 S Carpenter St
Chicago, IL 60608

W-F 2p–10p
Sa 12p–10p
Su 12p–10p

Lo·Rez began as a side conversation in a server room and like many great bands and businesses, the real work began in our garage. We started making traditional beer styles we wanted to drink and avoid the fetishization of hops.

It was important that we not only connect with our friends and neighbors, but meet new friends and neighbors. These growing beer connections and experiences fueled the fire. Our desires eventually outgrew the garage so after 3 years of training, planning, and scheming we found a space in Pilsen and broke ground in 2015.

We wanted to get back to making things that didn’t need a thumbs up or followers to know it worked. Making beer allows us to combine low and high tech and build tangible things that bring people together. We went lo-rez as a way to go back to old world craftsmanship, connect friends and neighbors, and make traditional beer for a modern world.

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Founders of Lo Rez

Dave Dahl

From Ohio, to Purdue, to Chicago. Dave made his way through various startups as a sub-par programmer and adequate CTO. His 20 years of homebrewing started as wanting cheaper beer, then better beer, and finally a new career. Dave furthered his beer education with three Belgium trips, BJCP certification, Siebel certification, and one year volunteering at Metropolitan. He has traveled the world and is at 16 countries and counting.

Kevin Lilly

A code monkey for 20 years, Kevin spoke Ruby, Java, and database-ese at numerous technology companies big and small. When he discovered microbrews and European imports, things suddenly made sense. He honed his brewing skills at Metropolitan Brewing, 5 Rabbit, and a degree from Siebel Institute, all while brewing at home. He lives with his wife and two cats in Chicago and likes gardening when he isn’t working the tap handles.

founder photo.jpg

Lo Rez Team